North American’s Commitment 

To You

Take a look at how we’re Delivering the Difference.

Is there any other company this willing

to help contribute to your



growth over 5 years for our partners.2


Average sales growth for new agents in the first 90 days 2


growth  for our partners in 2015 2

When YOU win, WE win!

We have a proven track record of working side by side with our partners to help them achieve THEIR goals.


We strive to keep our commitments to our distribution partners and policyholders. Can you guess approximately how many life insurance and annuity policies North American holds?3


 You really know your stuff!

North American actually holds over 560,000 policies.


  better luck next time!

North American actually holds over 560,000 policies.

 Look at the level of commitment we provide!

We strive to stand by our commitments and keep our promises to our policyholders and distribution partners.

Our proven consistency should give confidence that North American always strives to stand behind our commitments.


North American is a member of Sammons Finanical Group, who in a recent survey of 82 major companies, ranked ______ in life insurance sales.1


  Try again!

A top rated company, Sammons Financial Group actually came in 12th in life insurance sales!

Good job!

We are proud to be one of the top rated companies in life insurance sales.

Our focus and dedication is on developing strong, competitive products.

Our team is committed to creating flexible products with competitive features that both our distribution partners and policyholders can count on.


We have been providing competitive products for years. Do you know how many years North American has been in business?


 Try again!

This year North American celebrates a milestone 130 years in business!

You guessed it!

2016 marks North American’s 130th anniversary!

We are willing to partner with you to develop a customized plan to help achieve your goals.

The bedrock of our process is...

Our commitment to you!

Find out how our Partner Program can start
Delivering the Difference to your business today! 


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1. Source: LIMRA International, U.S. Retail Individual Life Insurance Sales, third quarter 2015 results. Sales based on annualized premium plus excess.


2. Source: North American Company for Life and Health Insurance 2016 sales data reports.


3. Source: Sammons Financial Group 2015 Annual Report; Sammons Financial Group Accounting Department


Sammons® Financial Group is comprised of Midland National® Life Insurance Company, Sammons Annuity GroupSM (a division of Midland National), Sammons® Corporate Markets Group (a division of Midland National), North American Company for Life and Health Insurance®, Sammons Retirement Solutions®, Inc. and Sammons Financial Network®, LLC, member FINRA.


A.M. Best is a large thirdā€party independent reporting and rating company that rates an insurance company on the basis of the company’s financial strength, operating performance and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. A+ is the second highest rating out of 15 categories and was affirmed for North American Company for Life and Health Insurance as part of Sammons Financial Group on June 3, 2015. For the latest rating, access


Standard and Poor’s awarded its “A+” (Strong) rating for insurer financial strength on February 26, 2009 and affirmed on July 2, 2015 to North American Company for Life and Health Insurance, as part of Sammons Financial Group. The “A+” (Strong) rating is the fifth highest out of 22 available ratings.