How familiar are you with RMDs and how they can impact you?


To gauge your level of preparedness for the decisions ahead and assess how you might be impacted by required minimum distributions (RMDs), we've developed a brief quiz. It'll help you and your financial professional talk through where you stand and what direction you might want to take.



The ABCs of RMDs

Get an overview of what RMDs are, the types of accounts impacted, and some ideas for what to do with income from RMDs if you don't need it right away. Then, based on your current retirement savings, you can estimate how much your RMDs might be.



Potential solutions using fixed index annuities



Generate income beyond your RMDs



Don't let RMDs tarnish your legacy









Redirect RMDs into new annuities tailored to help meet your evolving needs



Meet your RMD obligations while helping to preserve an emergency fund


Talk to your financial professional

Complete the self-assessment and share it with your financial professional to start an RMD conversation. Have them visit for more information.

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