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You can’t control tax rates,
but you can control your tax allocation

Including life insurance as part of your overall financial portfolio can enhance your retirement income stream through helping control your tax allocation. The best part? You don’t have to be ultra-wealthy to enjoy tax advantages!
The way you combine the use of the following types of financial vehicles can have a significant impact on the amount of taxes you will pay in retirement, or viewed a little differently, how much you get to keep.
0% – 37% tax3
Tax Deferred
10% – 37% tax3
Tax Advantaged
Traditional and self-directed brokerage accounts generally fall into the Taxable category (for example, stocks, Certificates of Deposit, and Bitcoin). Most employer-sponsored retirement plans fall into the Tax Deferred category. For these reasons, most people have a very heavy weight in these categories, but many have never considered the Tax Advantaged category.
Life insurance is tax advantaged
Knowing how much money you need for retirement is important. However, knowing how much money you keep in retirement is just as important, but is often overlooked. Many types of life insurance, including North American’s Builder Plus 3, fit into the Tax Advantaged category and can be a generally income tax free way to help supplement your retirement income.
Hypothetical example

Talk to your financial professional about how Builder Plus 3 can help you have a more balanced tax allocation for retirement.