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Plan for more or less time on earth with life insurance

Who can say how much time they have left on earth? Whether you have more, or less, life insurance allows you to plan for either scenario.
Would your family be able to continue their current lifestyle if you died prematurely?


of households have a life insurance coverage gap.1

A permanent life insurance policy provides:

A death benefit if you die too soon

If you die prematurely, would your family’s dream for the future die with you? The death benefit protection that life insurance provides can help ensure your loved ones’ current and future needs would continue to be met.

The opportunity to help supplement your retirement income if you live a long time.

If you go on living as expected, you could use the cash value accumulation from North American’s Builder Plus 3 to help supplement your retirement income in your golden years.

Access to your death benefit if you’re diagnosed with certain illnesses

North American’s Builder Plus 3 includes living benefits2 for no additional premium at the time of issue. If you happen to be diagnosed with a qualifying illness in the future, you could access a portion of your death benefit while living to help pay for medical bills, your mortgage, a family vacation, or anything else you choose.

Generally tax-free income to pass to your beneficiaries

Indexed universal life insurance pays a benefit to the named beneficiary in the event of a death of the insured. The money can pass to the beneficiaries generally free from income taxes and without being subject to probate. Indexed universal life insurance is a permanent policy, so it won’t expire after a set time frame like term life insurance, as long as premiums are paid.

Talk to your financial professional about how Builder Plus 3 can help you plan for more or less time on earth.